Police Horse Hears Street Band Play Favorite Song, Stuns Audience When He Busts A Move

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Some of the Mardi Gras celebrations are a true spectacle to watch, especially on the famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans. “Let the good time roll” is most certainly an expression that this police horse understands perfectly.

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The TBC Brass Band was doing a street performance and the band managed to gather quite a crowd with their catchy tunes. Their musical performance also caught the attention of a certain police horse.

Horse Ace and his human police companion Officer Jones approached the small crowd who were busy with the festivities. The atmosphere in New Orleans is phenomenal with great music, dancing, and singing, who wouldn’t want to join them? After all, police horses deserve a bit of recreation too after a long day at work.

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Even though Ace and Officer Jones from the New Orleans Police Department’s Mounted Unit know each other all too well, the man couldn’t have possibly predicted what his horse would do next. Ace slowly stepped towards the music and suddenly stopped.

The street was quite crowded and the path was blocked with festive people dancing to the brass tunes, so Ace decided to dance along with them. Officer Jones didn’t seem to mind at all.

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In truly astonishing fashion, Ace showed off his incredible dancing skills and proved to the entire crowd that horses can bust out some serious moves too.
The police horse has a remarkable sense of rhythm and the crowd is absolutely elated when Ace gets his boogie on. He spins around in pure excitement and shows some impressive footwork as well.

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The TBC Brass Band performed “Talking” by Rebirth and Ace definitely seemed very happy with the song choice. A couple of dancers even tried to get involved and seemed to challenge Ace to a dance off – but let’s be honest here, humans are just no match for the dynamic duo of Ace and Officer Jones.

At the end of Ace’s performance, he seems to thank the audience by taking a small bow. Shortly afterward, Ace and Officer Jones go in reverse to leave the festive crowd as they were met with loud cheers and applause.

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After they left, the party just went on. It is New Orleans, after all!
The footage of Ace was shared on the internet and it quickly went viral with more than 360,000 likes on Facebook and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

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“We have the best police horses in the country! I’ve seen Ace “jammin” with bands while waiting for Mardi Gras parades to begin near my house! He is a joy to watch, especially when you see him in a crowd. He is a cool cat!” Cindy Marshall wrote.

Be sure to check out this hilarious video below.

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