She Was Posing For A Photo, When Her Husband Saw Something In The Water…

Video 774

The dog in the video below managed to stay afloat for several hours with the help of a vest. Only its nose and a few other parts of the body were visible while it was in water. It was clear that if it was not for the life vest, the dog would have drowned soon or later.

Later on, the dog was re-united with its owner, who was so glad to see it that he came running, at the same time screaming the dog’s name, “Jagermeister.” He said that he had given up all hope of finding him. They had searched all places they thought he could have landed but could not find him. They just gave up and were beginning to accept their loss.

It was very smart of them though to have put the life vest on their dog. This was the only thing that kept this dog alive and gave it a chance of getting help, from someone else.

Watch this video and see how happy the owner was. Do you have a similar true story where you or a friend took a safety precaution that ended up saving a life? Please post it in the comments below. Take a second to SHARE it as well. It video is a great lesson for all who may doubt the importance of a life vest on a pet.

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