Postman Spots Lost Piglet In Middle Of The Road, Then Realises He Has A Huge Decision To Make

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Every now and then there is a story that touches your heart in all the right ways, and this one comes in the form of a beautiful commercial for Vodafone New Zealand.

In the commercial ‘Keith the Postie’ is driving along a dirt road, delivering post for Southern Mail, when he stops his van suddenly. He jumps out of his van to come face to face with a tiny, adorable piglet in the middle of the road.

Bringing the piglet, lovingly named Piggy Sue, along with him in his van, he makes several phone calls to try find the owner of the lost piggy. Nobody seems to know where the little pig has come from, so he continues his journey out on the road with his new-found friend.

Over time, he builds a bond with the innocent piglet and grows fond of her as he comforts her during a thunderstorm, shares snacks and enjoys her company during his driving around.

Eventually Keith receives an email from a woman who claims to be the owner of Piggy Sue and he arranges to drop her back off at her home. Only, when he gets there, he realises that she will not be going back to a ‘happy home’. Gazing into the tiny piggy’s eyes, he knows what he has to do…

The commercial will leave you with a full heart (and probably leave you never wanting to eat bacon again…).

Watch the sweet commercial below and prepare to fall in love with Keith and Piggy Sue’s friendship. If you loved this commercial, leave your thoughts in the comments below and share it with your friends.

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