Precious Moment Figurines Are Selling For A Small Fortune. Here’s What To Look For On Yours

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Did you collect Precious Moments Figurines as a child? Everyone has their preferences when it comes to collectibles. Some liked Beanie Babies, others collected hockey cards, while some preferred Precious Moments Figurines above anything else. Most of us are probably convinced these little objects are worthless now, at least from a monetary perspective. As it turns out, some of these collectibles have come to be worth quite a bit of money! If you still own precious moments figurines, you might just be in for a real treat.

But hold on a minute. Before you start jumping around because you think owning any of these at all will bring you tons of money, remember that only super rare figurines are worth much.

Curious to learn more? We have compiled all the features you need to know about to determine whether or not your doll is worth thousands. So read on!


Are you wondering what the appeal might be with these dolls? Think no more. The primary reason these dolls fetch so much is scarcity. Apparently, only one of the original 21 dolls made for purchase back in the day is available now. Only one. So if you have an original stashed away in your closet, let’s hope there is no damage done to it over the years.


The most obvious reason why someone would want one of these dolls is their aesthetic appeal. They are beautiful in so many ways. Sure the dolls themselves look cute as embodiments of young babies; but the collector looks beyond that and takes pleasure in the design and craftsmanship in the molding.

How Much Are They Worth?

Recently a doll went for over $400 on ebay. That is a pretty good return if you spent $15 on it back in the 90s. Remember: that’s just one out of a collection.

The older your collection, is the more money you can get for it. Why? Because it is probably more rare! Some are also limited edition which also fetch a pretty penny these days.

What Do Previous Sales Look Like?

Here is a quick rundown of what some of the sells have been recently:

Limited Edition – A vintage doll that is also limited edition recently sold for $409 on ebay. Imagine what the whole collection would go for?

The collaboration between Disney and Precious Moments is even more valuable. A recent bust of Belle from Beauty and the Beast went for $440.

Vintage – The value of vintage is also pretty high, though not as high as limited edition. A recent vintage piece went for $300 on Ebay, indicating a strong demand.

Original – As we mentioned earlier, the original 21 design is quite a hot commodity. Recently one of these went for $275 on Ebay. Personally we like the Limited Edition designs better, but these original designs are definately gorgeous too.

The Whole Collection – One person put their entire collection online and sold it for $5,000. So clearly there is a lot of money to be made if you have a few of these lying around your basement.

Source: awmtrends

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