Puppy Eyes Lettuce Just Out Of Reach On Table – His Response Has Internet Dying Of Laughter

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If you own a pet, you know that you can NEVER leave any food out on the table! Your pup will be sure to chomp your meal right before your eyes. This little dog met his match when he spotted a fresh head of lettuce just sitting on the living room table. What he did next will leave you laughing for hours.

Maymo is a beagle mix who loves getting into wacky adventures. In his most recent exploit, he found a head of lettuce sitting all by itself in his owner’s living room. No one was around, so Maymo figured the veggie was fair game. He instantly began plotting and planning: he was determined to get his paws on that lettuce!

First the pup tried jumping up from the floor and extending his snout toward the seductive green ball. He managed to pull off a leaf with his teeth, but the attempt was ultimately a failure. Next, he got up close to the veggie and started chomping. Foiled again! Maymo could not get that green goodness within his clutches.

Then the dog had the brilliant idea to approach the situation from a different angle. He jumped up onto the couch and reached his paws out toward the table. Just when this tactic seemed like it might work, Maymo fell right off the couch! He was discouraged, but he refused to give up.

Using the couch as a step, Maymo tried again to stand on the table. He got three of his paws down onto the white surface. Would he succeed this time? Nope! The clumsy pup slipped onto the floor yet again. He tried holding onto the lettuce for support – but it was obviously no help at all!

It was time to call on a friend for support. Maymo brought another dog in on the scene, and the two conspired together. Finally, the lettuce would be defeated. The other pup expertly snatched up the head of lettuce between his teeth and threw it onto the floor. Victory, at last!

The dogs enjoyed their green, leafy feast right there on the living room floor. Shreds of lettuce spread everywhere, commemorating the day’s conquest. Maymo’s owner caught the pup red-handed with a little leaf resting atop his head.

This hilarious video demonstrates the determination of one adorable dog. Maymo’s exploit is proof that humor can be found in anything.

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