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Rare Phenomenon Knows As A “Ghost Snow Tsunami” Finally Caught On Camera (video)

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Be prepared. The footage you’re about to see is both eerie and mesmerizing. You’ll watch as a rare “ghost snow tsunami” forms in Wyoming and descends on the land in all its violence. Ariel McGlothin was the lucky photographer from Kelly, Wyoming, who caught the fantastic phenomenon on film. It appears on the horizon and rushes toward her lens. This marvel happened only because of a rare trick of the light that melded with the wind to make a mirage on the horizon. It is utterly beautiful and downright terrifying.

As you can see, the “ghost snow tsunami” lasted for a few minutes. But then a change in the winds renders it into oblivion.

Ariel McGlothin has no idea she was going to capture this on film. She thought she might get some fantastic wildlife photographs. As she trudged over the wintry landscape outside Kelly, Wyoming, she was stopped in her tracks when she saw the ghost tsunami form on the horizon.

The massive wall of icy powder was the result of a trick of the light and the wind. And it appeared to be moving toward her. And she felt its haunting presence as if it was a living and breathing thing.

Apparently, the mirage occurs because the sun aligned perfectly with the direction of the wind. It made it appear that this massive wall of ice was on the horizon when in reality is was nothing to be worried about. It resembles a wave crashing onto the shoreline, like the giant tsunamis that occur after an earthquake out at sea.

Translucent “waves” of snow and ice appear in the mesmerizing footage. Although she suspected it was not life-threatening, McGlothin worried that she “needed to flee” as the ice tsunami appeared to ravage the landscape.

But in the end, the photographer was left “stunned” by the amazing act of nature she had just witnessed.

McGlothin hails from Pennsylvania. She uploaded the clip that was taken back on April 14. She said about it:

“It was a pretty amazing experience. The appearance of a rolling and crashing wave was so convincing in its appearance. I really thought it was coming towards me – I kept thinking that I needed to flee. I have never experienced anything like this before. This is the only time I’ve personally experienced all the conditions lining up to create this appearance. I watched it for about 15 minutes or so until the angle of the light changed, and the whole phenomenon just disappeared. In hindsight, I feel very lucky to have seen this and don’t know if I’ll ever be lucky enough to be in exactly the right place at the right time every again. It was a very special experience.”

Check out the video below to witness was McGlothin experienced. Some people, however, are not very impressed.

“I grew up where we had a lot of snow and minus 30 degrees every winter. Trust me. There were a lot more amazing things to see. This is actually very ordinary and just a dimple sun/shadow combination,” a grump MailOnline reader shared in the comments.

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