They Removed The Background Music From “We Are The Champions,” Now Listen To Just Freddie’s Voice

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Although he passed away, Freddie Mercury will forever live in our hearts as one of the greatest rock legends in the history of music.

A British singer, songwriter, and record producer, Freddie is most known as the lead vocalist of the legendary rock band Queen. He was world-renowned for his flamboyant (and incredibly entertaining!) stage persona and his killer four-octave vocal range that, to this day, is still unmatched.

And that’s no understatement. Up until now, there is no one who sings like Freddie Mercury, and the video below is proof.

To better highlight his incredible vocal range, a YouTuber edited Queen’s classic song, “We Are The Champions.” The editor removed all the background music and instrumentals in order to showcase just how chilling Freddie’s voice is.
Take a listen and see for yourself.

Breathtaking, right? Don’t worry – you aren’t alone in feeling that way. In fact, people all over the world have chimed in with their own reactions to hearing the acapella version.

One YouTuber had a rather funny take on Freddie’s voice:

Another YouTuber summed up how all of us feel when we hear Freddie’s voice:

If you compare what music was back then to music day, it’s a huge difference. Back in Freddie’s day, the vocals couldn’t be edited in the way they could today. It’s a stark contrast!

After listening to the above video, take a listen to the official version of “We Are The Champions.” This contains all the background music and instrumentals. Listening to both versions back to back will help you really see just how amazing Freddie is.

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