Rescuers Carefully Open The Front Door, Then Dozens Of Neglected Dogs Come Rushing Forward

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The Humane Society of the United States pulls off some incredible feats when it comes to saving animals and giving them a better life.

They’re on a constant mission to help animals in need, and they’re able to make such a huge difference for those who’ve been neglected and can’t speak for themselves.

Without the work of the Human Society, there would be a lot more innocent lives lost for no reason at all in deplorable conditions.

While all of these rescue missions take an emotional toll on the workers and volunteers involved, it’s always worth it to feel the relief that the animals emote when they see help is on the way.

It’s as if they immediately know things are going to start looking up for them. And it’s so amazing that they’re able to feel brightness, even while they’re still in the awful place that they’ve been calling home.

This is especially true when it comes to dogs, as they can be some of the most emotional animals around.

Their big eyes don’t hold anything back, and it can be heartbreaking to see the pain in them.

This was a look that many dogs were throwing around when rescuers walked into an abandoned home in Gallia County, OH, where 66 dogs and three horses were living in horrible conditions.

And thank goodness they did!

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