Riding A Unicycle On Top Of An 800-Foot Chimney Is The Craziest Thing I Have Ever Seen

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A good stunt these days requires a bit more imagination than they ever did before; compared to the stunts from the 1950’s it just takes a whole lot more to impress people, but that old saying does say that a good student will surpass the master so it should be expected. These days we’ve got so many amateurs on YouTube that could be professional circus performers if they ever got the inclination that we’ve always got something new and seemingly crazy to watch, much like the the incredible performance you’re about to see in the video below.
Flaviu Cernescu and his friend Nikolai decided that for their next video they would climb up an 800ft tall chimney in Romania’s Targu Jiu City that appears to have been abandoned long ago. When they get to the top they pull out something you really don’t see every day, a unicycle!

Some people are either entirely too brave for their own good or too confident one, but at least these guys made it out alright with an absolutely mind blowing vide

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