Ryan Gosling and Harrison Can’t Stop Laughing During Interview!

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Love them both! Two handsome man!

When movie stars are forced to sit through endless interviews in quick succession, they get bored pretty easily. The same can be said about Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.
They are known to be socially awkward, and one would think that getting a fun conversation is theoretically impossible. They are promoting Blade Runner 2049, and it is hard for them to keep track of talks they have to engage in to make the viewers thrilled.
The interviews can be a monotonous routine you have to deal with during the press tour, but when your host is Alison Hammond, anything can happen.
This is an outtake that is taking place before the actual interview, but if you want to know how the host and the actors got it going off the rails, you need to watch the whole piece. It is so hilarious that Ford himself is losing it while bending in half and pointing at Gosling to continue the talk.

Ryan, on the other hand, keeps joking about his costars and future work. The guys become putty in Alison’s hands when she confesses that she is not a fan of the original film and has never been interested.

This makes both Harrison and Ryan nearly fall from their chairs. The second part of the conversation is nearly as crazy as the first one, so if you need some positive vibes in your day, be sure to check it out. Harrison Ford and Alison Hammond hit it off so well that the lady is actually worried they are not talking to Ryan.

If you want to know his reaction, click below!

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