Science Study Proves That Bald Men Are More Intelligent, Attractive, Successful And Masculine

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Science contributes to humanity in many different ways ranging from providing ample treatments to ailing patients to advancements in space. It has plethora of benefits and serving the people in many ways. In another revelation, it was found that bald men are often more successful than the people having full head of hair. The study also revealed that bald men are often more dominant than people having hairs. The study was conducted by the University of Pennsylvania.

There are many bald men in Hollywood

The study gets a boost as we see a lot of successful and dominant bald men in Hollywood. The Hollywood boasts of many men full of masculinity including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis. They all are very masculine, good looking, muscular and successful. By looking at the list of Hollywood’s bald hunks, we can also confirm that bald men are supremely successful and also look dominant.

Bald men look more attractive as compared to people with hair on head

The study had collated information from 59 subjects. The study compared the photos of men with and without hair. The first picture showed a man with hair while the other showed the same man without any hair on his head. Most of the people who participated in the study found that men without hair was looking way more attractive than the men having hair on their head.

American scientist Albert E. Mannes who performed this study was a bald himself

It is a thing to note that the American scientist Albert E. Mannes who performed this study was a bald himself. The study certainly boosts the morale of bald people across the world. The people who losing their hairs are often found worrying about it. But, this study comes as a panacea for them. As the study is conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, the results are difficult to ignore.

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