She Used To Be Anorexic And Now Shares Her Bikini Photos With the World

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Body dysmorphia has many forms, but the most common of them all is anorexia nervosa. This term, or at least the first work of it, is most likely known to the majority of you. Anorexia is often associated with teenage angst, models and magazines.

Anorexia almost took Megan Jayne’s life, a young girl from Colchester, UK. She was hospitalized at the age of 14, and was only given a few weeks to live. Her lowest weight was mere 28 kilos (4st 6lbs).

Jayne managed to hang in there and pulled through. Now, eight years later and a few kilos heavier, she tries to teach everyone to love themselves, and vowed to show everyone show the world “the most tummy-tastic, lumpy bumpy, thunder-thigh pictures I can.”

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h/t: goingviralposts