Simon Notices Teen Singer Looks Different, But He’s Even More Stunned When She Reveals Her Voice

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When Rion Paige was 13 years old, she proved to the world that music truly has healing powers. Rion was born with a rare disease called arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, which has caused her wrist joints to become fixed at a bent position.

Because of the cards she has been dealt, Rion could have easily chosen to carry a negative attitude with her in life. But instead, she has the most amazing spirit that shines through when she performs.

“It’s not me to hold her back,” Rion’s mom Alisa says. “It’s for me to give her every opportunity and say, ‘It’s your time to fly, baby.’”

Simon Cowell, who is notoriously tough-to-please, has no idea what to think when Rion steps on stage. But after she’s done singing, he says that Rion is extraordinary in more ways than one — and that her performance of Carrie Underwood’s hit song “Blown Away” reminded Simon of Carrie when she first appeared on the set ofAmerican Idol as a singing hopeful.

Rion went on to become a fan favorite in the 2013 season of The X Factor and finished in fifth place.

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