Single dad and son are homeless. Then stranger approaches them and offers life-changing help

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Being a single parent is hard. It’s already difficult enough to balance work and taking care of the children for me. I can only imagine how difficult it must be if I did not have my husband to help out.

For one single father named James, he is doing everything within his power to help his child. He has made countless sacrifices. In fact, James moved from New York City to Denver in order to provide a better life for his kid.

YouTuber and TV Host Leon Logothetis recently interviewed James as a part of his #GoBeKind initiative in which Leon travels the world hoping to find and highlight the stories of wonderful and inspiring people. It’s a lot like Humans of New York but taken to a bigger scale!

In the video below, Leon asks James a variety of questions and learns more about the single father’s situation. While James has a job in the works, he still needs to figure out housing for him and his son. The two are currently homeless, and it pains James to not be able to provide a roof for his son to live under. He meditates and prays everyday in order to help himself overcome this difficult time.

“You have to be brought down to your humblest point so you can appreciate other things that are waiting for you,” James tells Leon.

As a part of his initiative, Leon gives each subject he speaks to $1,000. When James received this gift, he was completely overcome with emotion. This gift was life-changing for James, and it’s wonderful to see his heartwarming reaction.

Leon has also established a GoFundMe page to support James and his son. Please visit it here if you would like to donate and help out!

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