Single Mom Decides To Keep Quadruplets Pregnancy. Watch To See How She Is Doing Ten Years Later.

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Raising children as single parent is one of the hardest things a parent has to do. So when Goodman decided to have a baby by in-vitro fertilization, she did not expect what the doctors told her next. She was told that she was going to have four babies. She had conceived quadruplets. The whole community was up in arms against her. They were all asking how she expected to raise her babies without any financial plan. She did not have a husband to support her either. They all believed she had made the wrong decision to keep the pregnancy. Some even said she was irresponsible.

She however defended herself. She said there was no financial security plan that was foolproof. There are cases where both parents lose their jobs and they have to struggle to make ends meet. She believed all she had to do is find work and be smart with her spending. Goodman made it clear she was not after anyone’s handouts. That was very brave of her. In the video below, you will see she is doing great ten years later.

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