Soldier Son Surprises Doctor Dad At Office

News 228

We owe so much to the men and women who choose to serve in our country’s military. They fight for our freedom and put their lives on the line for us.

When a serviceman or woman is on duty, their family back home is left in a state of constant worry. Of course, they are proud, but the wait for them to come home safe is excruciating.

When one soldier, Sgt. Mason Miller, was to return home early, his family had no idea what was coming.

They had been planning to surprise him upon his arrival, but little did they know that they were the ones in for the big surprise.

Working with his longtime neighbor, Mason had been coordinating to surprise his mom, dad, and sister at their respective jobs.

His neighbor had also served in Afghanistan and has a son who is on his second tour as well. He knew how precious the moment of returning home is for the soldiers and the sense of relief that comes along with rejoining your family. He was just about as excited as Mason was to pull off these huge surprises.

Mason’s father, a doctor, was in the middle of a meeting when his son entered the office. His receptionist almost started crying when she saw him.

Mason put his hand to his lips, indicating that she might ruin the surprise if she made too much noise. This is a highly sensitive operation!

If her reaction is any indication of how his father might react, he was in for a really lovely moment.

He knocks on the door once, but no response. His father must have been wrapping up the meeting with his colleagues. Mason’s back is turned to the camera, but you can sense that he’s already smiling ear to hear.

With the second knock, his father finally comes to the door. Confused as to why someone is being so persistent and bothersome during a meeting, he’s already got a look of confusion when he opens his office door. However, when he realizes who’s standing before him, his jaw drops.