Soldier Son Surprises Doctor Dad At Office

News 219

Immediately going in for a hug, the loving father bursts into tears. The moment of pure fatherly love will send chills up and down your spine. You can tell that this family is incredibly close and loving.

There’s nothing held back during this interaction. The other men in the meeting are also smiling from ear to ear as they get the privilege of watching this lovely moment unfold before their eyes.

However, they realize that there would be no more business attended to today, they thank Mason for his service and leave the father and son to embrace longer.

While the family’s original plans have been foiled, I think everyone can agree that this was much better. Dad jokingly says, “you lil’ stinker!” as he holds his son tight. Mason admits that it was hard to lie to his family, but he certainly made the right choice.

This is such a beautiful moment. Thank you, Sgt. Miller, for your service, and enjoy your time home with the ones who love you. You deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way.

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