Soldier Spots Two Boys Staring At Him, Doesn’t Realize Stranger Is Films His Response

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Helping others doesn’t have to be a huge gesture or donation. There are small things that we can all do in our communities that can really make a difference in someone’s life and in the community.

Some things as small as mowing the lawns of the elderly or donating your time or some goods to your local food bank are seemingly small ways to make life better for another person in need.

It may just be a small chunk of time out of your day, or a minuscule dent in your pocketbook, but it will mean the world to those in your community that you’ve affected.

When Lieutenant Colonel Robert Risdon was eating his dinner one day at a fast food chain, he saw the opportunity to make two young souls’ day one to remember.

LTC Risdon didn’t have to interrupt his own dinner in order to help these two strangers, but he did it anyway. Helping people must just be something in his nature, as he’s dedicated his life to serving his country as a member of our armed forces. Every day while on the job, he fights for our freedom – puts his life on the line so that we can sleep soundly at night. That takes a special kind of person, and he is so brave to do what he does at work.