Soldier Spots Two Boys Staring At Him, Doesn’t Realize Stranger Is Films His Response

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But what he did this one evening at a Taco Bell simply warms the heart, and inspires us all to be more like him.

When he saw two boys, one nine and one 13, looking fatigued, hungry, and reportedly in damp clothing, he took it upon himself to investigate the situation.

The boys were trying to sell baked goods as a part of their church’s fundraiser. They must have thought that they’d reach a wider customer base within their community, rather than at their church alone.

LTC Risdon asked the boys if they’d eaten dinner yet that evening. Their heartbreaking answer was “no.”

That’s when another diner at the restaurant, Jason Gibson, took out his camera and started filming what happened next.

The soldier sweetly asks the boys what they would like to eat for dinner, pointing at the menu and prying for answers about the shy boys’ appetites. Towards the end of the interaction, you can tell that the older boy tries to modestly say that he doesn’t need a drink. But LTC Riston insists: “Are you sure you don’t want a drink? You want a drink.” And the woman behind the counter hands them two cups.