Soldier Spots Two Boys Staring At Him, Doesn’t Realize Stranger Is Films His Response

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At one point, the younger boy turns around to look at the camera, overjoyed.

In the video description, Gibson notes that, after he stopped filming, the younger boy said to the kind soldier,

“I want to be just like you when I grow up.”

Now if that doesn’t give you hope for this world, then I’m not sure what would. Kids need good role models to look up to for lessons in kindness, empathy, ambition, and ultimately a future. These children are off to a good start, raising money for their church. But experiencing a random act of kindness from this soldier when they needed some food in their stomachs will be a moment they remember while they go through life and encounter others in need.

The comments on the video show a great amount of respect and appreciation for what LTC Risdon decided to do that evening.

See the full interaction for yourself in the video below.

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