His Son-In-Law Promised He’d Help Him In His Fight With Cancer. But The Father-In-Law Never Knew He’d Do This.

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Two years ago my pop-in-law was diagnosed terminally ill with cancer, I was with him that day in the doctors office and it was a difficult moment for him. I promised him on the way home that we’d put up a fight no matter what the Doc said, and that I’d be there with him and see it through no matter what happened or how it ended.

For the next year he put up a courageous struggle and I was his caregiver for that year. My wife was there too and very attentive but her Dad was a man and for that reason alone had a different relationship with me and felt more comfortable with another man in some situations.

As he got sicker I tended every single one of his needs as promised, appt’s, treatments, right up to the point of him being 100% bedridden. I learned to administer meds, feed someone through a feeding tube and a lot of other duties that don’t need to be expanded on.

The day he died I held his hand and comforted him while I played some of his favorite music on the radio. I’m in my fifties and have done a whole lot of fighting, and generally a load of stuff that might be written here as badassery, but keeping my word and helping another man through a very difficult transition with some dignity and pride is what has made me feel more like a bad ass than anything else in the world.

You want to feel like a real bad ass, go find someone sitting alone in a chemo ward waiting for treatment and with them, try to make them feel not so alone. That’s some serious badass work.

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