She Spotted An SUV Rolling Downhill And Did THIS To Save Two Kids… HOW DARING

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Kiera Larsen is a courageous girl who risked her life to save two toddlers. The 10-year old is described as heroic, courageous, lovable, and protective. The 4th grader from San Diego lost her life as she saved two toddlers from an SUVthat rolling downhill.

Kiera was playing with the toddlers outside her home. She spotted a Mercedes rolling downhill and ran to save the toddlers. Kiera pushed the toddlers out of the way. Unfortunately, she got pinned under the car. The girl succumbed to her injuries on her way to the hospital.

The police said it was a freak accident. Kiera suffered serious injuries following the accident. The little girl remains a hero even in death.

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