Steve Harvey Calls Intense ‘Fast Money’ Round The ‘Surprise Of The Century’ On ‘Family Feud’

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During this episode of Family Feud, Steve Harvey found himself calling out a major “Fast Money” moment in front of his entire audience.

In the video below from February 2, 2018, Steve welcomes a contestant named Andrew to the stage for his family’s fourth — but most intense — round of “Fast Money.”

The Family Feud host gets the ball rolling and asks Andrew, “What’s the last thing you say to your children before they go to sleep?”

Andrew quickly replies, “I love you,” and the rest of this “Fast Money” round flies by.

In the end, the contestant’s answers rack up a whopping 184 points on the board!

As the Beckman family cheers for Andrew, Steve seems dumbfounded before welcoming another team member onstage.

Andrew’s brother, Dan, joins the host and prepares to finish up this nail-biting round.

Steve tells him, “Man, I’ll tell you what. This could be the surprise of the century,” adding, “You two win this money, people across America are going to all walk away with one common thought: ‘Well, I’ll be damned. I can do it, too!’”

At this point, Dan only needs 16 points to win the round. Within moments, Dan competes, keeping the high stakes in mind. You have to see what happens next!

Check out the full Fast Money round in the video below, and please SHARE if this Family Feud clip made you feel a little anxious!

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