A Stranger Lectures Her For Carrying Her Baby. I Never Expected Her To Say THIS!

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Many people enjoy the guilty pleasure of “people watching” when they’re out in public places.

Although it isn’t always nice, almost everyone can admit to having looked over at another family and wondered why in the world they act the way they do.

Kelly Dirkes, a loving mother of several special-needs children, was out shopping at Target one day. She caught the attention of a fellow shopper who noticed Dirkes was holding her child in a sling, rather than pushing her daughter around in a shopping cart.

The woman firmly let Dirkes know that coddling her infant in such a way would impede her independence and growth. Simply put, carrying her around all the time would spoil her child.

Dirkes simply smiled and walked away. The prying woman couldn’t possibly know how wrong she was. After all, it’s easy to judge others, especially when you don’t know their life story.

Below is an open letter, posted by Dirkes on Facebook, to the opinionated Target patron. What she has to say may surprise you.

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