Strangers Step In To Help Mistreated Foster Child In Public

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Would you do the right thing if you saw someone being mistreated?

A group of people in a restaurant were recently tested to see how they would react to a woman treating her foster child badly while treating her own child like royalty.

Three actors posing as a family walked into a restaurant and immediately started talking among themselves.

It was a mother and her two children. One of the children, the woman’s biological son, was being treated to ice cream, but the foster child wasn’t allowed to have any. The little girl asked why, and the woman told her that it’s because she is the foster child and she doesn’t want to spend the money on her when she could be spending it on her real son.

The little girl appeared to be disappointed but also seemed to understand. When the little girl went to the bathroom, the mom told her son that if they keep leaving her out, she would have enough money to buy him an iPad.

A man sitting nearby had been listening to the conversation, and he wasn’t happy about it.

While the little girl was gone, he got the woman’s attention and calmly told her how wrong she is. He told her that the money she gets from the government for being a foster parent was to be used on the foster child.

The mother argued that she doesn’t have a job and she is only fostering the girl to raise enough money to care for her own kids, implying that she doesn’t really care about the little girl at all. The man was disgusted with her and walked away.

The “family” made a second attempt at the test.

This time, they were sitting at the counter when a woman overheard the little girl ask for ice cream and the foster mom tell her no. When the mother walked away, the woman called the waitress over and told her to let the little girl order anything she wanted, and she would buy it. The little girl came over and hugged the woman, who seemed to be glad that she stepped in and did something nice for the child.

A third test involved the family sitting at the counter and the little boy being served ice cream while the little girl was told she can’t have one because she is the foster child.

The mom talked about how she only gets so much money and how she wants to spend it on her own son. A man sitting beside them with his own daughter overheard the conversation and offered to buy the little girl anything she wanted.

The mom seemed upset and tried to explain that they are on a budget and the little girl doesn’t really need anything. The man said he was buying it and told the woman that she didn’t need to keep reminding the girl she is a foster child. The woman got upset with the man. He didn’t stop there, though. He felt so bad for the little girl that he gave her some money out of his wallet and told her to buy anything she wanted.

Of course, none of these people knew they were being tested or filmed.

When the camera crew caught up with the first man, he explained that the woman was wrong and the reason he said something to her was that she was needed to be set straight. He waited for the little girl to leave so she wasn’t embarrassed.

The woman who bought the little girl ice cream explained that she had grown up with foster kids in the home as a child, but her mother never treated them differently.

The third man explained that he felt bad for the little girl and wanted her to know that even though she was in foster care, she still had value and deserved the same things as everything else.

Not everyone was brave enough to stand up to the woman.

Would you speak your mind if you saw something like this happening?

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