Taylor Swift Song Comes On, Then Little Girl Lights Up Internet As She Sings And Dances To It

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Although raising children is a lot of work, it also comes with plenty of moments of spontaneity and joy. As adults, we gradually become more and more aware of other people’s opinions and find it harder to be ourselves. To “act like a kid again” is often something that many of us wish we could do—and what better way to learn how than to go straight to the source? For her part, little Audrey Nethery has no problem cutting loose for the camera.

To that point, she has gone massively viral doing karaoke and dancing to her favorite Taylor Swift songs.

As the video starts, seven-year-old Audrey addresses the camera.

“I’m going to do some moves, ok Daddy?” As “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift plays in the background, Audrey follows along perfectly and adds in her own theatrical flair by acting out the lyrics as best as she can. When the chorus starts, Audrey starts leaping up and down along to the music! She definitely gives the performance everything she has—and the internet has noticed, to the tune of nearly two million views.

Still, Audrey’s story doesn’t stop with this performance.

As it turns out, Audrey suffers from a particularly rare disorder called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA).

Although Audrey’s dancing has gotten the internet’s attention, her passion for spreading awareness about DBA and proving people wrong about her limitations has spread even further. Because of her passion for singing, dancing and life in general, Audrey has been noticed by other major television programs including the Rachael Ray Show.

On that show, she was even able to dance with the Brooklynettes!

Lastly, Audrey even appeared on CNN to speak about her condition and on what inspires her.

According to Audrey, she takes a lot of inspiration from her idol, Taylor Swift:

“I was inspired by Taylor Swift because she had all the passion and spirit and I just thought I would start singing to maybe put a little passion and spirit in me so I can try to fight off my disease.”

Despite her age and her own obstacles, Audrey is proving how powerful music can be in giving us a joy for life. And along the way, she’s given the world some truly incredible performances as well. Who knows? Maybe her next stop will be on Ellen!

To support Audrey and her family, visit her Facebook page and give a donation if you can! Keep dancing, Audrey!

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