Teachers In Awe After Fourth Grader Creates Genius Invention That’s Never Been Created Before

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Those who have spent a significant amount of time around children are well aware of the fact that their minds tend to work much differently than an adult’s. They have a very unique point of view. Their ability to think outside of the typical box is without peer. Thanks to their awesome imaginations, children have the ability to come up with ideas that the average adult could never fathom.

Sophie is a fourth grader who was recently challenged to come up with a clever invention. Her school was having an “Invention Convention” and her teacher encouraged the class to come up with ideas that no one had ever taken the time to consider before. This was the only guideline that the students were given for the project and the results were absolutely priceless.

Sophie came up with a great idea for the project. All she needed was a little help from her mother to come up with the prototype for an item that could potentially save lives one day. In a world where parents are constantly dealing with various stress factors, mistakes can be made. While most of these mistakes are minor, there are some that can be fatal.

Parents who believe that they can run inside to the store “for just a quick second” will definitely want to find out more about Sophie’s invention. She has come up with a way for parents to be able to monitor their children more easily. Avoiding tragedies where children are left inside of an automobile was her primary objective here.

The awesome device has since been dubbed the “baby forget me not” and Sophie definitely deserves a great deal of credit for the level of ingenuity that has been put on display here. In order to find out more about how this invention will actually work, please be sure to click on the video below. This clip also gives audiences the chance to get to know Sophie a little bit better going forward.

This is one child that is definitely going places and her invention is as clever as they come. Parents everywhere would be willing to shell out for something this useful. We sure do hope that we see a finished version of Sophie’s “baby forget me not” prototype on the market one day soon. In the meantime? Take a moment to pass this along.

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