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Terrifying Footage Of The Largest Shark Ever Caught On Film Goes Viral (watch)

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In November, I went on a cruise from New Jersey to the Bahamas. As the ship was sailing along the coast in the Atlantic Ocean, from the boat, I saw nothing but blue ocean in every direction. But just beneath the surface, beyond what my eyes could show me, millions of creatures were living out their existences in the water. For all I know, sharks and other predators could have been right there in the waters beside me in the ship.

Now terrifying footage of a massive shark has reached the masses via the internet. And many people are calling it “the biggest shark ever filmed.” And when I saw the clip, I had to agree with that assertion.

While out in the deep blue near Guadalupe Island in Mexico, diver Mauricio Hoyos Padilla managed to get this massive shark on camera. And he was terrified to see how large it was.

Experts estimate that the shark in the footage is probably about 50 years old. Not only that, it was expected to measure 20 feet long. And at the time Padilla spotted the shark and caught it on camera, it was believed to be pregnant. Now more massive sharks are on the way into the waters around Mexico.

When the diver shared the footage on Facebook, he captioned it with:

“I give you the biggest shark ever seen in front of the cages in Guadalupe Island. Deep Blue!”

The footage was quickly picked up by online news outlets. Barcroft TV shared the clip on their YouTube page where it has since gathered more than eight million views.

They wrote the following description of the content:

“UNSEEN footage of what experts believe is the biggest great white shark ever caught on camera has been released. The seven meter-long female known as Deep Blue stunned the world last year when video was unveiled of it dwarfing cage divers off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Now, diving enthusiast Michael Maier, 48, has released even more eye-catching clips of the giant female feeding on bait and inquisitively circling divers. Deep Blue, who is estimated to be at least 50 years old, was filmed by Michael in November 2013 – but these latest files were previously unseen.”

Viewers of the footage had their shocked reactions to share with the world. The following quotes are from excited viewers like you:

“Love how he says she wasn’t nervous at all. No shit your the one who should be nervous.”

“She is gorgeous! hope she lives out her time free from us.”

“Stunning! I would love to know where that shark travels. Does she go up and down the entire American Pacific coastline? Does she cross the Pacific and visit Asia? Perhaps she makes trips to Hawaii? Maybe she takes a swim down to Australia?”

“What a big momma she is! I hope she has already given birth to many pups. It would be sad if they went extinct.”

Watch the footage below to see this massive shark. What do you think? Could it be the biggest ever?

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