This Teen Photoshopped Ryan Reynolds Into Her Prom Photos

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For many people, prom is the pinnacle of the high school experience. These days, everything from the show-stopping “promposal” to finding (or making) the perfect dress is not something to take lightly. Prom must be unforgettable.

For a Canadian teen named Gabi Dunn, attending prom with her boyfriend of four months was a great experience. Her dress, hair and makeup were flawless, and the couple posed for the traditional prom photo opp on the big night, both looking happy and stylish. The photos took on a different feel, though, when Dunn’s boyfriend broke up with her two days after the event.

Luckily, Dunn had an idea for preserving her prom photos without letting them become a constant reminder of a bad breakup. She used a little Photoshop magic to replace her ex-boyfriend with her ideal prom date.

“I didn’t want to waste my prom photos, so I just Photoshopped Ryan Reynolds in,” Dunn told Yahoo Style. “I kind of have a huge love for Ryan Reynolds. Who could be a better prom date than him?”

Dunn posted the edited photos (which are hilarious) on Twitter, and that’s when things got interesting. Ryan Reynolds saw the pictures, and took the time to weigh in with a tip for taking this post-breakup Photoshopping to the next level.