Toddler Can’t Speak Yet But He Still Sings With Dad

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Musical talent isn’t limited to a certain age, as proven by this adorable baby boy when he sings with dad.

While he can’t communicate through words yet, he makes sure to express himself through music by ‘singing’ with his father.

Warning: Prepare yourself for cuteness overload.

Singing Duo

As can be seen in a video that is going absolutely viral, Patrick really appreciates his dad’s music. He even tries his best to sing with him even though he doesn’t know the lyrics to the song or even seem to understand it.

The video begins with a distracted Patrick who doesn’t seem to be too keen on being on camera, but all that changes when his dad starts strumming his guitar.

It’s pretty clear this blue-eyed boy is made to be in the spotlight. He definitely doesn’t let age or the language barrier keep him away from singing; even it’s just a made up song for his dad.