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Toddler Hits Neighbor’s Car Door, Response Goes Viral (Photo)

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A neighbor’s shocking response to a 3-year-old hitting his car door and damaging it went viral.

After the toddler accidentally hit his parents’ neighbor’s car while opening a door, the parents decided to leave a note explaining the circumstances and offering to pay for the damages.

In response, the neighbor did something surprising. A response note showed an invoice for the damage and repainting, along with a few other items including “numerous cups of tea while pondering repair.”

At the bottom of the note, the final invoice item read, “These things happen,” followed by the words “no charge” in large lettering.

“The only thing we ask is you keep taking our parcels in when we are not here, thanks!” the kind neighbor wrote, Metro reported

Many readers applauded the neighbor for being so thoughtful in his response and not making the parents pay for damages.

“I accidentally dinged a car when the wind caught my door and ended up paying quite a bit. Nice for this man to be such a good person,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“How sweet not everyone would do that,” another added.

In another viral story about notes, a man in Durham, North Carolina, was shocked when he found a note on his car that called him out for parking in a parking spot reserved for veterans, even though he is a veteran.

The note, a picture of which Rod Boyle posted to Facebook after discovering it while driving away from the Harris Teeter grocery store, went as far as to refer to the veteran as a “moron.”

“You are a f***ing moron!” the note read. “I hope karma visits you often! This is parking for our veterans.”

“What business is it of someone to make that assumption?” Boyle asked Task & Purpose. “I am a veteran. What made you think I wasn’t? You can’t tell if someone is a veteran just by what they look like, or the car they drive.”

Boyle ended up turning back and bringing the note into the manager of the store where he parked.

“I told them, ‘I’m not angry at you or the store, and I know there’s nothing you can do,’” he said. “But I wanted them to know.”

Although he was initially angry, Boyle said he ultimately let go of that feeling.

“I defended our country for a very specific reason,” he said. “For citizens of the United States to have the right to say that kind of stuff. I feel tremendous honor for how the USA allowed me to proudly serve our country. My service was not only to defend, but also for the rights of Americans. One of those rights is freedom of speech, such as for a person to make an assumption, write a note and touch a car.”

“It is extremely unfortunate anyone would receive a note like this, and we are certainly disappointed it happened while this veteran was shopping in our store,” the Harris Teeter grocery store chain said in a statement.

Sources: Metro, Mad World News/Facebook, Task & Purpose / Photo credit: Chris F/Flickr, Facebook via Metro, Rod A. Boyle/Facebook via Task and Purpose

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