Toddler Spots Wild Deer In Yard – Deer Has An Adorable Request That Girl Can’t Resist

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Kids will be kids, no matter what species they are. They like to play games and take on new adventures. Two worlds collided when a toddler met a wild deer for the first time, and the resulting video is just too cute.

When Matthew Ray’s daughter was exploring the family garden, she came across something she never expected to find. A deer had wandered in from the surrounding area and was playing around in their backyard. The friendly animal stopped in his tracks when he saw the little girl.

As the toddler walked closer toward him, the deer’s ears widened and shifted forward, showing that he was alarmed. Perhaps he thought of the garden as his own personal buffet and didn’t expect anyone else to be there. As she reached out to pet him, he took a few bouncy steps backward.

The deer rounded the corner of one of the planters and made his way toward an open patch of grass. He bounded forward as the little girl chased him.

When he got to the other side of the planter, he paused and waited for the toddler. This clever deer was playing a game of tag! The sweet interaction between the two shows that childhood spans across all species.

The game continued as the girl chased the deer around the planting area. He always waited for her to get right next to him before bouncing off again. When the deer finally paused, Matthew decided to try for a closer look.

He slowly approached the creature, holding his camera out to capture every moment. The deer looked right at the lens without showing any sign of fear. He let Matthew walk right up to him, proving that his game with the little girl was all in fun – this animal was certainly not afraid of humans.

“Say ‘High, Mister Deer,’” Matthew told his daughter; she was briefly distracted by the plants. As her attention turned back to the deer, however, he took a giant leap into one of the planters.

The girl was worried that this furry friend was stuck in the chickenwire, but the little guy had only stopped to graze on the flowers. Matthew laughed as his daughter tried to follow suit. “You can’t go in there!” he said good-naturedly.

At long last, the game was done. The deer wandered off, leaving the family with an incredible video. This adorable moment is proof that all children enjoy their playtime.

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