Tom Hanks Is Standing On A Gigantic Piano, But Wait And See Who Joins Him… OMG!

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Tom Hanks is not a person you can dislike easily. He is funny, charming, humbler, and kind. However, he is also one of the most iconic actors of all time. Some of the movies he has acted include Cast Away, Gump, Big, and Toy Story.

One of the most memorable scenes is where the Josh Baskin, Hank’s character, who has grown magically is playing a giant a giant piano while in then toy store.

With that magical scene in mind, anywhere there are those giant pianos that can be played by our feet, Hanks is expected to give a treat to the audience by playing them. This might seem like a difficult task but if you are Hanks, it is like child play.

Hanks has continuously been able to honor this request because he is a gentle man who can’t turn down the fans’ nostalgic request. This happened when he made an appearance at the British talk show, the Jonathan Talk Show. They had the oversized key boards at hand, naturally the request was made and Hanks obliged.

Take a moment and watch what happens when Ross asks a guest to join her and Hanks and recreate the famous scene. How much fan can you have if you had this opportunity?

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