Twelve-year-old Kept Sneaking Mom’s Sewing Machine. What He Created Brought Internet to Tears

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A bedroom that resembles a sewing room may not be a dream set-up for most pre-teen boys, but Campbell Remess is not like most 12-year-olds.

He was 9 years old when he requested his parents to buy Christmas gifts for the children at their local hospital. Sadly, Campbell has eight siblings, and the parents cannot afford anything beyond their kids’ needs.

For the last three years, Campbell has spent all of his free time sewing teddy bears for charity.

Campbell devised a creative solution. He created the children’s gift using the sewing machine. The determined boy taught himself to use the sewing machine. It took Campbell five hours to complete his first piece. Since then, the boy sews his gift daily for a sick child. He visits the hospital once a week.

“I do comfort bears, which are for parents if their kids are in hospital having a hard time,” he said.

“I do overseas bears, like for terrorists attacks.

“I sent one over to Paris when the people got hurt, and I’m sending some over to Brussels too.”

When Campbell’s father was diagnosed with cancer, the boy put his skills to use. He made his father a stuffed bear that managed his stress. Nathan, Campbell’s father, says it worked. Watch Caleb’s heartwarming story and see his stuffed creations.


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