Two Rescued Pit Bulls Placed In Room Together – Rescuers Can’t Get Over Their Reaction

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Hope for Paws is an incredible rescue group known for their animal advocacy and thousands of animal rescues. When Cadence and Chance were taken in during two separate rescues in 2013, the rescue organization was unsure how they’d react to being around other dogs.

Since the two Pit Bulls had a traumatizing history of abuse, Hope for Paws was hesitant about introducing them to one another, but they decided to give it a shot. Now – the video has gone viral.

A few years ago, Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws found Cadence after she was used as a bait dog for a fighting ring. Her poor body was covered in wounds and scars; her face seemed to have taken the brunt of the trauma.

The very next day, Hagar found Chance hiding near a hot dog truck in Los Angeles. He had lived on the streets his whole life and was absolutely terrified of humans and trusted no one. Thankfully, Hagar was able to comfort them and bring them back to the safety of the shelter.

After receiving baths and medical attention, the shelter staff decided it was a good time to let the shy pit bulls meet. When the door opens – it was love at first sniff.

The moment Cadence and Chance set sight on each other, both of their tails start to wag and smiles spread across their faces. Within seconds – the two rescued pups go into total play-mode. Paws are tapping on the floor while they hop around the room together.

It’s obvious that these two dogs felt an immediate connection. Although they came from different walks of life, both of them share similar struggles of feeling neglect, unsafe, and unloved. Finally – all of that had changed for them, and they couldn’t be happier to share that excitement with one another.

Since the video was uploaded, it has been viewed almost 4.2 million times.

As Cadence and Chance jump, weave, and trot across the room with each other, it almost looks as if they are dancing! Of course, who wouldn’t want to dance around in joy after being rescued by such wonderful people?

Both of the dogs quickly adapted to life in the shelter and showed just how loving and affectionate they could be – it wasn’t long before they were both adopted to wonderful families. We couldn’t be happier for them both.

This precious reaction that these two sweet pit bulls have in the video below shows that every dog deserves a second chance. Remember, adopt, don’t shop!

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