They Went To A Puppy Mill. But Wait Until They See This Dog.

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Each and every creature has a right to be in this world and have an excellent life because they were not created to go through hardships. In fact, several animals in this universe survive in poorer conditions and which is not in favor of the law.

The Humane Society, a Non-Governmental Organization in the United States of America, made a decision to go to a puppy mill raid. They had information that there were dogs that were abused there. Even though the mill had several dogs, one could see that there was something unusual.  There was green water in cages, and that meant it had been there for so long.

Adam, a rescuer, saw a Chihuahua in a tiny cage and his name was Billy. He went close to him and attempted to open the pen but what he realized was that the door could not open. The reason is that it had corroded.

Billy was taken to a vet after he was saved and the vet found out that he was underweight and emaciated. The body condition is ranked one and the most horrible in the scale. Adam made up his mind to take him up, and it did not take time for him to be happy once more.

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