Woman Adopts Rescue Dog, Starts Noticing Foul Smell. Now The Police Are Demanding Answers

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Kelly Benzel was looking for a new best friend. She wanted a new dog. And instead of going to a pet shop that gathers dogs from disturbing puppy mills, Benzel wanted to help a dog that had suffered in the past. So she went to her local rescue shelter and sought out a dog that had suffered animal abuse. She wanted to give the canine a second chance and shower it with the love it deserved.

Benzel fell in love with a white pit bull mix named Rocco. She knew he would be the perfect dog for her. But before she was able to adopt him, she did not get a chance to meet the dog’s previous owner. She was merely told that the dog’s previous owners had possessed him for only a few months.

Although she did not know the dog’s history, Benzel was overjoyed to show Rocco a new life with her. But as she was driving away with the dog, she knew that something was severely wrong.

Rocco was emitting a disturbing and potent odor. It smelled so bad, Benzel could not even keep driving. She pulled over to go take a closer look at Rocco. When she saw what it was, she was utterly shocked.

The pit bull mix had a long laceration on his neck that the previous owner had hidden with the dog harness. The gash was six inches deep and one and a half inches deep. And Kelly could tell by the smell that it was infected.

Instead of going home, Benzel turned around and headed straight for the animal hospital.

The vet helped Rocco. He was bandaged and given the right medicines. And he was on the road to recovery.

But his injury did not have to happen. Benzel learned that he had been forced to wear his harness all the time since he was young. The material had cut into his flesh, and his skin had grown around it. He was so neglected that harness had embedded in his skin.

Benzel refused to let her new best friend go without getting justice. She called the seller up and told them about the problem. That shady person then tried to bribe her by saying the previous owner would cover the medical expenses and that she shouldn’t worry.

But Benzel wanted justice for Rocco. After intense neglect, she knew he deserved that much. That’s when she hung up the phone and called the police.

The owners played dumb. They pretended not to have known the dog was severely injured. And they said they only used the harness to keep Rocco from running away.

The justice system smelled the lies. The previous owners were slammed with mistreatment of animals charge. And then they were forced to fork over a $1,500 fine for their horrible treatment of the dog.

Benzel and Rocco are now living happily together, and the dog’s health is back where it should be. Hats off to Benzel for seeking justice for this dog. She did the right thing.

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