Woman At Airport Is Forced To Pay $15 For A Tampon, Leaves Note That Causing Controversy

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The economic truth of supply and demand can be ruthless. When demand is high, retailers can charge ridiculous prices. When they have too much stock on their shelves, the prices go down. It is a pretty simple concept, but its practice in the real world can be very complicated and heartless.

Have you ever noticed how things are airports, sports arenas and concert halls are outrageously priced? That’s because the owners of these establishments know they’ve got you trapped. You have no other choices and are stuck to buying their products and services at ridiculously inflated prices. And as fewer and fewer NFL fans purchase tickets to games, NFL teams are on the verge of bankruptcy.Because they rely on alcohol and food sales to keep their operation running, they’re in an economic pinch like never before.

But this story concerns a woman who was traveling in an airport. While going through the Calgary International Airport in Canada, a woman suddenly started having her period. Because she had no choice but to take action, she needed to deal with her menstrual cycle. When she got to the airport’s convenience store, she was shocked to find that they were charging a ridiculous fee.

Because tampons and menstrual pads are an essential item for women, they need them when they need them. And the airport knew that they had her trapped. Because she did not have any other options, they were forcing her to pay the exceptionally high fee to take care of herself.

Since she had no other choice, the woman was forced to pay the high price for the essential item. She was both hurt and shocked by the price gouging. And as a result, the woman left a note in the restroom along with the box of tampons minus the ones she took.

Because this woman took a stand against the economic establishment, we hope that the Calgary Airport and all other such locales, take heed that customers are not satisfied when they’re being mistreated. As a result, they will lose business.

The woman’s note was left under the box of tampons. It read:

“None of the tampon vending machines work in this area. So I was forced to buy this $15 box from Relay. Not acceptable! Please take one if you need one.”

Although she was ripped off, she decided to share the box with other women in need. Because the menstrual cycle is something all women go through, she understood the necessity to provide tampons and pads to women in need.

Carlee Field happened upon this woman’s note and snapped a picture of it to share online.

Field was impressed with the woman’s generosity. After shelling out $15 for a box of tampons that usually costs a fraction of that price, she decided to help other women in need.

When the Airport market found the note, they listened to this woman. And as a result, they reportedly lowered the price of these tampons from $15 to $6.25.

Protest, and you shall be heard.

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