Woman Was Terrified Of Heights Until She Met Him, Then Gets Married On A Net 400 Feet In The Air

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California couple Kimberly Weglin and Ryan Jenks love a good adventure. You’ll often find these two dangling off of the side of a mountain or canyon as they are the co-founders of Slackademics, a slackline and highline art, education and resource website.

But their greatest adventure to date was the day they got married suspended 400 ft. in the air over a Moab canyon.

“It is a representation of confidence, self-love, and life; the energy I want to surround myself with and carry with me into our marriage and throughout our lives together,” Weglin said.

“I used to be terrified of heights … So, it really meant a lot to get married in the air in a space that used to scare the s— out of me, and have it feel normal,” Weglin told PEOPLE.

“We also added a whole bunch of paracord to the net for the wedding … to ensure it’d be really stable for the day of. If you didn’t look down, it was pretty easy to forget where you were.”

The couple’s best man Andy Lewis crafted a colorful space net for them.

The net was stretched out over the canyon where their wedding party watched them exchange vows. Their friends walked highlines and performed aerial stunts on silks below.

Their “flower girls” based jumped off the surrounding cliffs with 5,000 flower petals, according to KSL.com.

“A few of you have asked for a pulled-back photo of the spacenet wedding for scale,” Weglin said on Instagram. “You can really get a sense of it here…we were literally suspended 400 feet above the desert while aerialists hung on silks below. @sketchyandylewis is the mastermind behind the invention of the spacenet and I’m so thankful he has continued to share this epic creation with us.”

The day was photographed by Abbi Hearne.

Weglin posted her wedding photos online where they went viral. She also shared some insightful words about her special day.

Here’s what her post said:

“Would you walk down this aisle on your wedding day? One of my favorite parts about our relationship is that we share the same passion and attitude toward life. I love that I can share this space with Ryan Jenks, above the quiet abyss, with no questions asked, and with full calm and understanding. Between all the highlining and adventuring we have done over the past three years, we have found ourselves constantly putting our lives into each other’s hands (i.e. trusting their rigging, trusting that they’re spotting or belaying you correctly, trusting that they care enough to be attentive, double-check their work, and keep you safe, etc.).”

“From that, I believe we have developed a really special bond and a really strong trust in one another… When you have done things together that literally challenge your lives, it has a way of highlighting the important things; and every other ‘problem’ you had before, suddenly seems insignificant, in comparison. Our adventures remind us to LIVE together; to be lighthearted, and not waste our short time on this Earth squabbling about petty things and ‘problems’ that we don’t really have.”

“Additionally, these photos represent the bond we have with the community, in trusting the safety of this net that we all helped weave, rig, and create. We are all bonded in this way—that not many people will ever understand; in a way that you only really get to understand when you are pushing your boundaries and having ultimate faith in your fellow human beings.”

You can see the full post below.

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