Woman In Wheelchair Unable To Get Upstairs, But Watch When Man Hits The Button

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There are over 2.2 million Americans who rely on a wheelchair everyday. Things many of us take for granted are difficult to those who are bound to a wheelchair! Simple tasks like grocery shopping, entering an office building, taking the children to school and so much more are time consuming and uncomfortable when you’re forced to navigate tricky entrances in a wheelchair. That’s why AllGood Trio is determined to help disabled people with one of most common everyday issues: stairs.

Yes, there are ramps installed in some buildings to accommodate people who can’t use the stairs, but, unfortunately for the 2.2 million who are bound to a wheelchair, there are still plenty of spaces that aren’t accessible! Now with the “Sesame stairs,” people in a wheelchair can use the same entrance as everyone else and it’s as easy as pie.


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