Woman Surprised By Teddy Bear That Plays Late Nan’s Voice

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When Lauren came upon the recording after her Nan’s death, she shared it with her friend Carlita who came up with a brilliant plan.

The very next day, Carlita went to Build-A-Bear workshop, where she created a personalized, grandma teddy bear for her grieving best friend.

“I explained everything to her [the employee],” Carlita told Mirror UK. “She was so lovely and helpful. She turned the store music down and even asked the children in the shop to be quiet while she recorded it.”

“The space on the bear’s recording was the exact number of seconds the voicemail was. I was crying in the shop while getting it made”

Carlita decided to film Lauren’s reaction to the surprise in a recording that has since gone viral.

In the video, Carlita presents a gift bag to the unassuming Lauren.

“I had no idea what was going on,” said Lauren. “Once I saw the box, I knew it was from Build-A-Bear as it’s so distinctive but other than that I had no idea.”

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