Woman Surprised By Teddy Bear That Plays Late Nan’s Voice

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Carlita tells Lauren to look at the bear’s name— when Lauren sees “Babbylicious”, the name she used to call her grandmother, she’s immediately in shock.

“She told me to look at the certificate which said the bear had been called Babbylicious— the nickname I gave my nana.”

“Then I saw the bear was dressed all in red— a red dress, red shoes, and even red knickers— my nana’s favorite color.”

With Carlita’s encouragement, when Lauren presses the teddy bear’s hand and hears her nana’s voice, she completely breaks down.

“When she said to press its hand, I wondered what the hell she was on about, but as soon as I did, I knew straight away it was my nana’s voice,” Lauren recalled.

“I was really emotional, I didn’t know what to do or say.”

“I was happy crying listening to it. I hadn’t had time to acknowledge my nana dying, I hadn’t started to grieve, and that just pushed me over the edge.”

Since being uploaded online, the video of the surprise has gone viral.

“People’s comments have been amazing,” Carlita revealed. “I’ve had people coming up to me in the street saying how beautiful the video is and how it made them cry watching it.”

People are touched by Carlita’s thoughtful gesture. It seems to resonate with everybody who’s lost someone they love. Comments on the video read:

“It’s been more than 30 years since I lost my grandmother, yet it still hurts. This video touched my heart and soul so much.”

“Made me get tears, thinking of my dad, aunt and others. I think I need to record my mom’s voice. I have her saved on my phone, but this would be nice to have her saying good things.”

“I would love to have my grandma’s voice that’s so special”

“I admit that some tears came out of my eyes… wow”

See it for yourself below!

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