This Woman’s Story Will Make You Think Twice Before Gulping Cans Of This Fizzled Drink. Shocking!

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When Mary Allwood hard some severe side pains and went to see the doctors, they found that her liver was seriously damaged. At first, everyone thought Mary was an alcoholic, but that’s before they learned the truth. Mary was drinking a lot of a fizzled drink.

Can you imagine drinking 20 cans of Red Bull on a daily basis? That’s like taking in about 17 cups of coffee and 17 chocolate bars. God!

Turns out, it’s the effects of this drink that were now threatening to destroy her health and life. She had to quit it. She stayed away from Red Bull, replacing it with pure water. Of course she dealt with some withdrawal effects for some time before she got better.

Mary is now out to speak about the dangerous effects of this drink.

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