Worlds deadliest creature sits on guard to ‘protect’ two adorable puppies- help arrives- He does not attack- but slithers away!

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This story is yet another example of unusual animal friendship- well, more unusual animal  parenting. This time, however, there was no bonding- Just a kind of respectful guarding from one of the worlds deadliest creatures and two adorable dogs

n Punjab, two frightened little puppies unfortunately became stuck at the bottom of  a deep pit.  Terrifyingly, as they sat huddled together, they came face to face with a deadly Cobra.

But he did not attack them, or harm them in any way. Some doubters may suggest that the Cobra, was merely guarding his food, or that human qualities are wrongly attributed to animals. However there are numerous scientific studies in the past and ongoing, that show overwhelming evidence that animals do feel empathy, and can in some cases co operate with their natural prey Furthermore, since they were in the pit for 48 hours, this is unlikely. Are we expected to believe that the Cobra Just wasn’t hungry and decided to leave his potential meal, when help arrived! ?

The deadly cobra ‘guards and protects’ the scared little fur babies, from the deep sides of the water saturated pit for 48 hours. When help finally arrived, the Authorities, were amazed, when the Cobra, simply strolled away, his Job done!

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