Young Couple’s Wedding Is Going Viral For Terrible Reason (video)

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What could have been a horrible situation was uplifted when 19-year-old Dustin Snyder found a way to prove to his long-time girlfriend that she was the love of his life. Although he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just weeks to live, he married the love of his life, girlfriend Sierra Siverio in Florida on Sunday. Despite nearing his end, Snyder has just weeks left to live. He wanted to die knowing that his love for his girlfriend was eternal.

Snyder was diagnosed with cancer on his 18th birthday. And when the doctor told him his life was nearing its end so soon, he couldn’t believe it.

But in the year since that heartbreaking diagnosis, Snyder managed to organize a wedding at The Big Red Barn in Plant City, Florida so he could prove to the world that he loves his girlfriend. It was a bittersweet moment, but one filled with lots of love.

Dustin and Sierra have been boyfriend and girlfriend for two years now. And as the tumors spread through his body, Sierra has stayed with him through all the suffering and traumatic cancer treatments.

Last Monday, they decided they wanted to marry. So their families and communities rallied together and organized the wedding in less than a week. They were married that Sunday.

Although Snyder and his girlfriend first met in middle school, they reconnected later and quickly fell in love. They were working at a Steak ‘n Shake and fell in love.

Because the couple is adorable and shares a buoyant love, a GoFundMe page was created to help them through this trying time.

The wedding was hurried along when doctors told Snyder that his time was drawing near.

“Appreciate the time you have… you don’t know how much time you have,” the bride told ABC News.

Because he got to marry Sierra, Snyder says that he feels “amazing.” It was his dream wedding and “the best most special day” of his entire life “for sure.”

Because time is short, the newlyweds are going to Disney World for their honeymoon. Then they’re traveling to Colorado next month for more vacationing.

After the ceremony, Sierra told “I’ll be forever grateful for this, it is going to be a blessing. I’m extremely excited.”

Although doctors are cynical, Sierra is optimistic that they’ll make the most of their time together as husband and wife. It is a dream come true for both of them. She has been by his side throughout his entire battle with cancer and wanted to be there with all her heart as his wife.

Cancer has been a tough journey for Snyder.

“The doctors said there was a mass on his lungs. They did a biopsy and figured out it was cancer,” Sierra said. “They did chemo, and it was working, but it was around the lung too much. They ended up removing his lung.”

Although he had surgery, the cancer returned.

“He was cancer free in November. But then he started not feeling well. He went back to the doctor, and they found it all over his stomach and pelvis,” Sierra said. “There’s too much, so there’s no treatment.”

Our prayers go out to these newlyweds.

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