This Young Trio Started Singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hellelujah”. Then The Whole Studio Was Blown Away

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Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise’. This is a prophecy from Matthew 21: 16 that repeats itself. Music is the manifestation of one’s heart and what sweeter melody to listen to than a melody that comes from an untainted heart. What purer heart can you find than a child’s?

The Voice Kids is not just a contest to see which kid has the best voice from the lot of best, but it is a show that revolutionizes the music world by bringing in the greatest of singers, children.

We’ve seen Connie make a crowd shed tears in her audition for Britain’s Got Talent.

We’ve heard Charice Pempengco rock the pop world in Ellen DeGeneres’s Show.

These are kids with extraordinary voices that broke down parts of our hearts that we didn’t realize we had. And hearing these three children sing, ‘Hallelujah’, makes you realize that listening to children was far better than listening to the original artist. It gives you this tantalizing feeling of understanding what the words really meant beyond the sweet sounding melody of the song. The song doesn’t just give a good recall but the lyrics become resounding when heard from a child’s mouth.

Children sing not from the love they felt or the pain they went through, they sing out of the purity of their core and being. They sing with unwavering chords that hit every single listener’s soul. They sing from the soul and for the soul.

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