What You’re About To See Is 100% UN-PHOTOSHOPPED. And That’s Why I’m Still In Disbelief.

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We live in truly a wild and wonderful place. There are many things about this world that you’ll learn that will totally take you by surprise. These 30 incredible and natural phenomena are just some of them.

Most people will never witness all of these strange natural events, but you need to know they are real (and definitely not the result of Photoshop and digital editing). There is more to see on Earth than just what is in your backyard or hometown. This is some of the craziest stuff.

1.) Spider web “floods:” Near Wagga Wagga, Australia, these spiders fled violent floodwaters.

2. Their webs covered the land like snow

3. ) Namibia’s mysterious Fairy Circles: No one knows why exactly these happened, but many believe that termite activities are responsible for their creation.

4.) Murmurations: Large flocks of birds move together as one, almost creating a completely new, sentient being.

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